How to Change Wiper Blades to Prevent a Windshield Repair

windshield repair

Windshield wiper blades do not last forever, although we might wish. In fact, the life of wipers is approximately six months. Then they start cracking and getting worn down. At that point, it is time to throw them out and replace them. Sometimes you even should replace them before the six months. Why? Well, the sun can dry the rubber out. However, you cannot just replace windshield wipers in just about any way. You must be careful and know what you are doing, or else you can ruin the glass. So, to prevent a windshield repair, follow these guidelines:

Measuring and Purchasing the Blades

Wiper blades are only the rubber assembly portion of the windshield wipers, not the wiper arms. This means that you are not removing everything. You are just replacing the damaged part (the rubber). To find out if the windshield wipers need to be replaced, check the rubber blades for any scratches or cuts. If you find any, it is time to change them. Measure the blades by length. Make sure to measure both wiper blades, as they often have different measurements. Once you know how long each wiper blade is, take the measurements to an auto parts or auto glass store and purchase the new wiper blades.

Removing the Rubber Blades

windshield repairTo remove the rubber assembly, follow these steps carefully to avoid a windshield repair:

  • Raise the wiper arm (one wiper at a time) away from the windshield. It is recommended that you place a towel against the windshield during this time to protect the glass in case the wiper arm snaps back into place.
  • After the wiper arm is set vertically, look for the joint that connects the rubber assembly and the wiper arm together. In this joint, you will find a small tab. This is what you must push on to unlock the joint.
  • While pushing on the joint’s tab, take your other hand and use it to carefully hit down on the rubber assembly. This move will aid you in sliding the wiper blades down the wiper arm and freeing it of the arm’s hook.
  • On the other hand, if your wiper arm has a pin instead of a joint hook, all you need to do is unfasten the lock located above the pin and then proceed to pull out the pin out of the hole that is on the side of the wiper blade assembly.

Installing New Windshield Wipers

Installing the new wiper blades is like removing them. Just as you have unhooked the rubber assembly, you will now hook it.

  • If the wiper arm has a hook, you will take the new wiper blades and slide them into the hook end.
  • Pivot the wiper blades until the hook snaps into place.
  • When you hear the snap, you can be sure that the wiper blades are secure.

However, if the wiper arm has a pin instead, then:

  • Just push up on the lock that is on the rubber assembly and, while doing so, insert the pin in the hole. Then push down on the lock to secure the wiper blades into place.


Avoiding a windshield repair while replacing old windshield wipers requires some understanding of how remove and replace wipers and a little cautiousness. So, next time you find your wiper blades falling apart, be sure to return to these guidelines to prevent a windshield repair.

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