When You Need a Windshield Replacement Chula Vista vs. a Repair

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A damaged windshield is obviously damaged. But when does it need a windshield replacement Chula vista instead of a repair? There are various ways to tell. However, to know what they are, you must look for several signs, such as the ones below:

Damage in Respect to the Driver

When the driver is in the car, does the damage affect his driving? For example, is the chip or crack directly in the driver’s line of sight? If that is the case, a windshield repair is not the answer. Repairing the chip or crack, even if it is small, will still leave behind a mark that will blur the driver’s visibility. Thus, a windshield replacement Chula Vista is the best option. It will ensure the entire auto glass is removed and a new one installed to guarantee that the driver can see the road clearly.

The Size of the Damagewindshield replacement Chula Vista

Take the size of the damage into consideration, too. If the damage is bigger than a dollar bill, the glass will need to a windshield replacement Chula Vista. A damage that big makes a repair too difficult. On the other hand, if the damage is smaller or is as big as a dollar bill, a repair is most likely possible.

Location of the Damage

Another way to see if the chipped or cracked windshield needs a repair or a replacement is to figure out the location of the damage. Other than the chip or crack being in the line of sight of the driver, if the damage is in the corner of the windshield, that is big indication that the entire glass need to be replaced. The reason for this is the fact that a damage in the corner can cause the windshield to break or shatter. Therefore, a windshield repair is most likely not possible.

How Much Damage

When you look at your damaged windshield, you should examine the number of chips or cracks the windshield has. For instance, does the glass have more than three chips? If so, chances are you need to get a windshield replacement Chula Vista. Too many chips make the glass susceptible to shattering (and quickly). Likewise, if the windshield has a big crack, (bigger than a dollar bill), you will need to get a replacement.


The moment you notice your damaged windshield, look for these signs to figure out whether you need a simple repair or a windshield replacement Chula Vista. You will have an easier time negotiating with your auto glass technician and figuring out the best solution for fixing your glass.

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