Preventing an Auto Glass San Diego Repair by Reducing Glares

mobile windshield repair San DIego

Sun glares can be irritating and dangerous. All drivers have had to deal with them at one point or another. When the sun hits the windshield and you suddenly see a blinding glare, you are at risk of getting into a car accident. This might lead to a damaged car and an auto glass San Diego repair. However, you can avoid that by reducing glares. How? With these simple tricks:

Clean the Windshield Inside and Out

The most important action to take to preserve your car and prevent an auto glass San Diego repair is to start cleaning your windshield more often.

  • Take a windshield cleaner, such as Rain-X Original Glass Treatment or Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner, and spray it over the windshield.
  • Then, using a microfiber cloth (avoid sponges and towels as they can actually scratch the glass), wipe the glass clean.
  • Repeat the same process on the other side of the glass. This will remove dirt and grime that have been building up on the windshield and stop those pesky glares.

Clean all Windows and Mirrors

Do not forget to clean all the windows and mirrors, since cleaning the windshield is not enough to remove glares. You can still get glares through your windows and mirrors, as they can reflect other cars’ headlights and obstruct your vision. To avoid an auto glass San Diego repair, look at your car glass. When was the last time you cleaned it properly? It is vital to clean all of your car’s glass, including your rearview mirror, if you are having problems with glares.

Clean the Windshield Wipers

auto glass San DiegoWhile cleaning your windshield wipers does not directly affect glares, it does help you maintain your windshield’s cleanliness, which in turn removes glares. Thus, it is critical to frequently inspect your wiper blades and get them cleaned.

  • Use your favorite washer fluid to wet a microfiber cloth.
  • Then, use the cloth to wipe the windshield wipers. This will leave them in a good condition and help you keep the glass in a topnotch shape.
  • However, if your windshield wipers are old and have cracks in them, replace them with new ones, as the old wipers can scratch at the glass and cause even more glares.
  • At the same time, always be sure that you have enough washer fluid in your car so you can always keep the windshield clean.

Clean the Headlights

Finally, to reduce and even eliminate glares and not have to get an auto glass San Diego repair, clean your car’s headlights. This will help you view the road more clearly since other vehicles’ lights will not outshine yours and blur your vision.

There are a couple of ways to clean the headlights. While wiping them off with a car cleaner and a microfiber cloth is good—even essential—you will find that you need to do more to remove the yellow haze that is on them. Therefore, what you can do is:

  • Take baking soda and vinegar and combine a little bit of each in a foam cup.
  • Then, you will dab your microfiber cloth in this homemade remedy and use it to wipe the grime and haze off the headlights.

This homemade solution can be very effective toward reducing glares.


Preventing an auto glass San Diego repair is as easy as reducing glares. Keep your car and yourself safe on the road by following these tricks to eliminate sun glares.

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