Top 3 Blogs on the Truth Behind Auto Glass Tinting San Diego

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Many drivers call Majesty Auto Glass San Diego asking about our tinting service. However, they usually have questions, such as “is auto glass tinting San Diego legal?” or “will tinting my windshield harm the glass?” So, we have decided to put together our top three blogs that shed light on the truth behind auto glass tinting San Diego.

Car Windshield Tinting Is Important for Comfort and Safety

Have you ever stumbled upon a friend who would not stop boasting about his tinted windshield? This is not a surprise. Car windshield tinting does wonders for your comfort and safety in ways you probably have not thought of. Below is a list of advantages of having a tinted windshield:

Keeps Your Vehicle Cool

A hot car is uncomfortable. You start to sweat and feel annoyed. No matter how long you wait for the air condition to cool the car, the hot sun just keeps scorching you. With windshield tinting, your car can stay cool and you would not have to worry about putting the AC on max for a few minutes before you enter in the car. Rather, you would be able to hop right in and drive away in comfort.

4 Misconceptions on Auto Glass Tinting San Diego

What is it about tinting auto glass that makes drivers shake their heads? Turns out, lots of drivers do not approve of tinted glass because they do not see its benefit. Why make a window darker for no reason whatsoever? The truth is, auto glass tinting San Diego is very useful both for your car and yourself. Below are four misconceptions and the reality behind them:

Tinting Auto Glass Is Only for Appearance

The first misconception is that tinted car glass is only for appearance and has no purpose whatsoever. However, that is not true. Of course, tinted car glass does make a car look nicer, but it is not the only thing it can do. Tinting windows helps keep your car cool in the summer by blocking out UV rays. It can also protect your dashboard and upholstery.

5 Great Benefits of Auto Glass San Diego Tinting

Most people purchase their cars as they are without thinking to make changes. However, tinting auto glass is one change all drivers can benefit from. Tinting does so much more than change the appearance of your car. In fact, there are five major reasons to get your auto glass San Diego tinted.


Auto glass tinting San Diego is a great way for you to keep your car safe and protected on and off the road. When done correctly, tinting is very useful. We hope these blogs have answered all your questions on tinting!

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