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Not all auto glass repair shops are created equal. That is just a fact. So, if you need an auto glass repair in the San Diego area, how can you find the best shop for you? Keeping prices, customer service, and quality windshield repairs and replacement services in mind is the place to start. Which is why we believe Majesty Auto Glass is the best auto glass shop for you. Still, don’t take our word for it, take theirs:

Google Testimonials

“After calling other places to research prices to replace my front windshield being broken by a rock, I called Majesty Auto Glass and found out that they have the best deal in town. Not only are they the best deal, they did great work with my windshield! Thank you so much Daniel and his team with helping me.”— Joe L.

“They installed my windshield for less money than if I bought one from a junk yard. Thanks guys, excellent service too.”— Stephen N.

auto glass repair San Diego“Wow! What can I say about this place? AWESOME! Really reasonable and really quick! I had my truck windows broken out on Saturday in the afternoon. I took it over to Majesty and I had my car back Monday at 2pm! Work is excellent. I have a Ford Ranger. My front window was broken out and the driver side door. Really nice and friendly, too. Can’t say enough good things about this place.”— Todd S.

“Very, very nice guys, got me an appointment within an hour from when I called to replace my windshield, and had the windshield ready by the time I got there. Turns out there was a lot of rust that needed to be removed from the frame (I knew about it, the car leaked in heavy rain) – they gave me an awesome, awesome price on everything, had it done crazy fast, best prices I found. Set up me up with someone else to get some body paint done. Will recommend to everyone.”— Tyler McG.

Yelp Testimonials

“I woke up this morning to find my car broken into. The back left windshield was smashed in with glass everywhere. I called around to about 20 places to find the best quote.  Also, I previously had my front windshield cracked through most of the windshield. I was getting upwards to $250 quotes from some of the places to just fix the front windshield, not including my window behind my driver side. This place gave me a great quote and only charged me $290 for both to be fixed. They even vacuumed out all of the glass. When I first got there they offered me coffee or an iced tea. I asked for coffee, he said he had something better and gave me a Starbucks mocha Frappuccino drink. When it was almost finished they even cleaned some spots off of my seats that had oil or some kind of stain on it. Honest hard working people that won’t rip you off for windshield/window replacement in your car. Highly recommend going here if you need any automotive glass repairs. Made my day that much better!”— Cameron P.

“I highly recommend this place for window repairs.  They were able to make time to replace my windshield when I came in with no appointment at an excellent price point.  They were very professional and delivered excellent service.”— Lisa B.

At Majesty Auto Glass, you can get the best auto glass repair at an amazing price you cannot find anywhere else. You will not regret choosing us!