Car Glass Repair San Diego

car glass repair San DiegoWhen it comes to your car, making sure it is in tiptop shape is important. After all, you want to have a car you can look good in. Whether you have a new or used car, ensuring it is well-maintained is a priority. So, if you just got a car glass repair San Diego, keeping the glass in perfect condition is a must. When you stop making the following car glass mistakes, you can make that happen:

Not Cleaning the Glass Regularly

Do you regularly wash your car? It is important that you do so, especially after a car glass repair San Diego. Dirty glass has a high chance of getting scratched and chipped. Therefore, ensuring that the glass remains clean and dust-free is mandatory. This also happens to be an easy mistake to avoid. Most gas stations even have a free windshield cleaning station just for this reason.

Not Replacing Windshield Wipers

Are your windshield wipers old? It is time to chance them. Typically, windshield wipers become worn down after six months of use. Plus, the hotter the weather is, the more likely the wipers are to get damaged. Keeping them in use can only cause problems, since they will scratch the glass. Your best option is to replace them when they get old.

Using Sponges to Clean the Glass

This is a common mistake many drivers make. Sponges are a car’s worst enemy, believe it or not. This little harmless-looking tool is actually harmful for your car. While sponges are used to scrub dirt from our tableware, they are not gentle on car glass. In fact, sponges can scratch the glass over months of use. After a car glass repair San Diego, it’s best to quit this bad habit and start using microfiber cloths instead.

Using Products with Ammonia to Clean the Glass

There are many glass cleaning products. Though, not all of them are meant for car glass. This is because most of these glass cleaning products have a single ingredient that is harmful for car glass. This ingredient is ammonia. For instance, Windex is a product that should never be used on car glass, although it’s great for regular windows. Instead, look for products specifically designed to clean car glass. These products are ammonia-free and do not harm the glass. Using the right products after a car glass repair San Diego helps keep the glass in perfect condition.

After a car glass repair San Diego, quitting these mistakes can help you protect your car and keep the car glass in the shape that it came in.