Falling leaves

falling leaves

Leaves changing colors in autumn can are a beautiful addition to your surroundings, however falling leaves may cause problems with your car working properly especially as the leaves decompose. As you drive the car, the car collects dirt and debris in all kinds of nooks and crannies. Usually a bit of dirt won’t affect the car’s functionality. In some cases though it can be that dirt prevents parts of the car working properly, for example, water leaks due to inadequate drainage of water in wet weather conditions. This occurs at the drain holes just under the windshield.

How can dirt, sand and leaves cause a problem

Dirt, sand, and decomposing leaves can block the drain holes preventing water to clear underneath the car’s windshield. Also check the seals around this area and if they are not in a good shape, the water can drip into the foot wells. If not addressed, more expensive repairs can be on the way.

What can you do to prevent this

Thankfully, preventing the drains from clogging up can be simple but it takes some regular effort. It should be noted that water drains are not usually cleaned at regular services but check with your mechanic going forward.

How you should clean this area

Should you have a blocked drain hole, then try following the following to clean the drains:

  • Accessing the drain holes depends on your car, in some cases it might mean that you would have to remove the windscreen wipers and scuttle.
  • Once having gained access to a drain hole it can usually be cleaned with a flexible wire and flushed with warm water.
  • Seek professional advice if you find that the water still does not drain correctly or if water still leaks into the passenger compartment.

Don’t forget that every car is a little different and might need a different approach to unclog the drain holes of the residue of the leaves, dirt, or sand than the one presented here. Seek professional advice if you find that water has seeped through to other areas, risking corrosion of underlying components.

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