Mobile Windshield Repair

windshield damage

While some auto glass repair shops charge extra for a mobile windshield repair, Majesty Auto Glass does not. In fact, our mobile windshield repair San Diego service is at no additional cost to you. We want to ensure your safety and the best way to do that is to drive to you. A mobile windshield repair San Diego service allows us to bring our technicians to you while keeping your car off the road. Below is a list of mobile repair services you can call us for:

Small Chip in the Windshield

If the damage is a simply chip in the windshield but that chip is in your line of vision, then you need to call us. Driving with your view being obstructed is a very bad and dangerous idea. Besides, when we come to you, you do not have to worry about anything.

Cracks in the Windows

Having a crack in the window should not be a big issue. However, this only applies if you drive to an auto glass repair shop immediately. If you wait more than a week, the window might get worse and it becomes risky to drive. At that point, you should call for a mobile windshield repair service.

Tiny Cracks in the Side View Mirrors

If there is a tiny crack in one of the side view mirrors, you can still drive your car to a repair shop. You would not need to call for a mobile windshield repair San Diego service. Though, do not wait too long to fix the damage, since that small crack can still obstruct your driving visibility. If the cracks have already gotten worse, then call us.

Shattered Windshield

If your windshield is completely shattered, then it is a must that you stop driving your car and call for the mobile service. A shattered windshield is extremely dangerous since the car’s roof can easily collapse.

Completely Broken Windows

Similarly, if the windows are completely broken, do not drive your car. Instead, call for a mobile windshield repair San Diego service right away. It is not a good idea to drive with shattered glass everywhere and wind in your face.

Shattered Side View Mirrors

You should also call for a mobile windshield repair service if one of your side view mirrors is shattered. Without your side view mirrors, you would not be able to see who is behind you or who is driving up to you, and that can be a big no-no. You should, like the other instances, stop driving your car.

Knowing who to call for a mobile windshield repair San Diego service can help you save money and receive the best repair service around.

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