New Windshield Replacement

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No one wants to deal with a windshield replacement but sometimes you have to get the windshield replaced. Once you get it replaced, there are things you should know to care for that new windshield replacement. Here are tips on what to do after getting a new windshield.

Close Inspection of the new windshield

Closely examine your new windshield. Look for gaps in the seal gasket. Take your car for a test drive to listen to air noise around the install.

Get Any Warranty Paperwork

The technicians will provide you paperwork when the installation is complete. Ask any questions you may have about what the warranty covers and how to use it if need be.

Take it easy

the first 24 hours after your windshield replacement is an important time for the success of your installation. This install is fragile during this period. Do not slam your doors and try not to take any bumps in the road too hard. If you can, crack your door windows about a 1/4″ to avoid air pressure build up in the car.

Avoid the Car Wash

Using cleaners or cleaning agents on the car during the first 3 days can damage the windshield seal.  If your installers used a special tape, do not remove it for 24 hours.

Construction or Road Work

Your damaged windshield may have happened because of a random rock or road debris. If your route on the way to work involves a lot of construction, maybe change your route, if possible to avoid another cracked windshield.

The first 24 hours are the most important after your new windshield install. By taking care with your installation, your windshield will perform just like new.

If you need a new windshield installed in the San Diego area, please call Majesty Auto Glass Repair.