Power Window Repair

power window repairsSometimes, one of your car’s power windows jams or breaks. Whatever the problem is, though, Majesty Auto Glass in San Diego can help you repair it. Plus, a power window repair San Diego does not take too long to finish. Here are the power window repairs we can do for you:

Fixing Jammed Power Windows

Do you have a jammed power window? No worries! Jammed power windows happen more often than you think, especially in older cars. Sometimes a fuse or relay occurs, causing your window to not roll up or down. However, this is an easy fix for us at Majesty Auto Glass.

Repairing Chips and Scratches Even for the Power Windows of RVs, Trucks, etc.…

A lot of drivers are not aware that we can repair auto glass on RVs, trucks, food trucks, school buses, and so much more. When it comes to these vehicles, their power windows can sometimes get jammed, just like any regular car, and road debris can strike these windows and leave behind a damage just as likely as road debris can leave a mark on a smaller vehicle. If you have a big vehicle, like an RV, that needs a power window repair, Majesty Auto Glass can fix it in no time whether the problem is a jammed or broken window.

 Tinting Power Windows of All Types

At Majesty Auto Glass, we can even tint your power windows. Tinting windshields and windows is beneficial for protecting the upholstery from overheating. Additionally, it can help you stay cool in hot weather, particularly here in San Diego. Plus, the best way to protect your car from thieves is by tinting the widows. If they cannot see what is inside your car, there is no temptation to break in. At Majesty Auto Glass, we tint your power windows professionally and while following the tinting laws.

Using the Mobile Repair Service for a Power Window Repair San Diego

Although most of our services are done in our Majesty Auto Glass shop, we can come to you for our repair services to make sure you stay safe on the road. For instance, if you cannot drive your car because the open power windows are jammed and you are driving in terrible weather conditions, you can call for our mobile windshield repair service. This service lets us come to you and fix your power windows San Diego at no additional cost to you.

Next time you have a problem with your car’s power windows, call Majesty Auto Glass for our professional power window San Diego services.