Stay Safe With A Crack Free Windshield

crack free windshield

A crack-free windshield can keep you and your passengers safe.

A Crack Free Windshield does more than give you a clear view of the road.
Even a small crack on a windshield can obstruct your view. It is worth getting a repair for that reason alone.

Supporting the Roof

A Strong Crack Free Windshield can support the roof adding another layer of defense keeping people safe inside during an accident. During a rollover accident, serious injuries and deaths are far less likely when the windshield is in good shape. Even a seemingly small, insignificant crack could reduce the structural integrity. This may increase the odds of the roof caving in. The best way to prevent it is by taking windshield damage seriously and addressing it promptly.

Your Windshield and Airbags work together.

You may not be aware of the role the windshield plays in the way in which an airbag is deployed during an accident. When an airbag is deployed after an impact, it is designed to bounce against the windshield. This can also protect passengers from being ejected and from making contact with the windshield. If the windshield is damaged, its ability to push the airbag back may become compromised and render the airbags useless.

The Windshield Acts as a Cushion.

Modern windshields are made from two sheets of glass that sandwich an inner layer of a polyvinyl material. As a result, the glass can fracture upon impact, but it will not shatter. The windshield acts as yet another line of defense keeping you in the car rather than being ejected from it. Sure, you can be bruised and battered by hitting the windshield during an accident – especially if the airbag does not deploy properly. However, it is still vastly preferable to the alternative: being ejected from the vehicle.

Do Not Put Off Repairing Your Windshield.

If you have been driving around with a damaged windshield, do not put off repairing it for another minute. Even if you are fine with having your vision partially obstructed, you should not be fine with the serious safety risks. Auto glass can be repaired or replaced quickly and for a surprisingly affordable price. It is always best to address windshield issues as quickly as possible.

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